Exquisitely detailed and beautifully designed, this cozy throw brings an artful grandeur to the scene.


Throw pillow couch covers are the perfect way to protect a new sofa, revamp a tired sofa, or add color and style to your living space!


Whether you have sofa loving dogs, small children, or an eye for interior design, a tassel couch cover ensures your sofa looks great and remains in perfect condition.

Handmade with a high-quality decor fabric. So give your sofa a break and let our covers do the work, whilst you relax in style!


Features: Handmade item


Material: High Quality Decor Fabric


Colour:  Yellow with white

Style: Tufted 


P.S Size- Please select the variant and size chart below. The image represents 3 seaters size cover.


1. Please measure your couch (length and width) in centimeters and keep some margin for tuck-in and the front fall before placing an order.


2. For choosing the correct Variant for your L-shaped couch, Please measure you L-shape couch accordingly refering with the images for best covering.


3. You can either select the size here and place the order and if in a doubt and want to get it customized as per your couch requirement, please connect with our team on our WhatsApp number-+918377881009.


4. Please mention the color shade require in the notes while placing an order.


Avail discounted prices on our combos like (For eg: 3+3 or 2+3+corner).


Customization The length and width can be customized as per your requirements. The price will be as per the size of the fabric. For any query, size customization or to place an order, please Whatsapp us on +91 8377881009

Saffron Tassel L-Shaped Throw

L shaped Variants
Couch Size
  • Size Variants Compact Size (cms) Regular Size (cms)
    3+3 Seater 65x188 + 65x188 65 x 203 + 65 x 203
    2+2 Seater+Corner 65x132 + 65x132 + 65x65 65 x 142 + 65 x 142 + 65 x 65
    2 Seater +3 Seater+Corner 65x132 + + 65x188 + 65x65 65 x142 + 65 x 203 + 65x65
    2 Seater + Chaise 65x132 + 65x134 65 x 142 + 65 x 137
    2 Seater + Chaise +Ottomon 65x132 + 65x134 + 65x60 65 x 142 + 65x 137 + 65x80
    3 Seater + 2 Seater+Corner 65x188 + 65x132 + 65x65 65 x 203 + 65 x 142 + 65x65
    3 Seater + Ottomon 65x188 + 65x60 65 x 203 + 65x80
    3 Seater + Chaise+ Ottomon 65x188 + 65x134 + 65x60 65 x 203 + 65x 137 + 65x80
    3 Seater + Chaise 65x188 + 65x134 65 x 203 + 65x 137
    3 Seater + 3 Seater + Corner 65x188 + 65x188 + 65x65 65 x 203 + 65 x 203 + 65x65


    Ps: Please meaure Your couch and refer images for best fit.


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