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ओवरसाइज़्ड लम्बर पिलो

हमारे तकियों के संग्रह के साथ अपने रहने की जगह को ऊपर उठाएं!

See your space from new angles with our geometric cushion covers.


Whether you're a fan of 🧼clean simple lines, 🌈boho diamond tufts, 🌀‘70s retro swirls, or the glamour of ✨glistening art deco prints – our ✨geometric cushions bring shape and character to any space. Choose from a rich selection of patterns and signature designs, available in a range of neutrals, muted tones, and bold metallic brights. 

From snuggling up with a 🌬️soft tufted weave to leaving your guests gobsmacked with 🌟lustrous pleated designs – there's no end to the looks you can create with our geometric cushions collection.


Our designs are hand-made, hand-tufted, or painted at our design studio. We've been perfecting the cushion-making process over the years, giving us the confidence to say that no one does it quite like us. ✨

Geometric Cushions

Geometric Cushions: The Art of Stylish Comfort

Discover Stylish Geometric Cushions for Every Room!