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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

In a colorful world, is it easy to spot your favorite? With VIBGYOR, comes a spectrum of colors that allows us to define our taste and mood interpreting our persona. Different colors in the spectrum correspond with the body's inner vibrations, hence providing different feelings.

Quoting Times of India Survey of Color Therapy:

“Colours are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate. Our brain interprets these wavelengths, which ultimately makes our perception of color as a physical and sensory experience.”

What is color therapy? Does it work? - Times of India. (2020). Retrieved 6 November 2020, from

Defining your favorite colors is directly related to what you portray with yourself and around you. One's perception of the most desired color is directly linked in their minds and what is visually as well as soulfully soothing to your naked eyes.

Pluming for a color that matches your nature and gives meaning to your frame while considering the elements it states and to set the ambiance of the place, it's never easy to just pick one.

Making it easy peasy, our core definition of colors has been spotted only after understanding what it is that a conscious mind seeks. Like a prism of the spectrum, we believe in proffering a range that deflects a pool of tints and shades for you to handpick from.

We at ThrowPillow make it a one-stop destination for you to choose from, our variety of undeniably attractive colors that makes a statement from their visual appeal to their style. Our focal motive has been to satisfy our clientele with furnishing that sets a whole new definition to their respective décor language.

Hop on to our website and dive in the puddle of colors and refresh your mood with attractive options

Follow us on Instagram @throwpillow1 and use #throwpillow1.


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