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How to Arrange Sofa Cushions??

Throw pillows are, undeniably, one of the best and most cost-effective ways to pull a room together.

So. Many. Questions.

How many should I use?

👉First off, let's talk quantity: 2 pillows may be enough for contemporary or minimalist spaces, but in new traditional rooms, 4 or 5 pillows are recommended, depending on sofa length. Sectionals require 2 pillows on each end, with 3 on the corner piece.

What size should they be?

👉Next, size matters!

For a single pair of pillows on a sofa, use 20” or 22” sizes. The larger the piece, the larger the pillows should be. For a set of 4 or 5, use 20”-22” for the background pillows and 18”-20” for the front ones.

How to get a hotel luxurious look?

👉 Don't forget about the filling! ALWAYS buy feather and down fillers. The higher the down percentage, the softer and more expensive the pillow insert. Polyester batting or foam used in inexpensive pillows can look unappealing with use.

How does their arrangement impact the room?

👉Lastly, let's talk about the arrangement. A matching pair of pillows is best for using only 2 pillows. For more pillows, match the base pillows and mix up the patterns or colors on the front pillows. Symmetrical arrangements are formal, but a balanced mix of patterns creates a more casual feel. With these tips, you'll be able to add a touch of pattern and color that elevates the whole design of your living room,

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