Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Whether you’re considering a total revamp or just a quick refresh, introducing a new accent colour into your interior is easy and effective. That’s why we’re sharing some ideas on how to work with one of the most popular accent colours around: ochre mustard.

One of the most fun and unexpected ways to introduce ochre to your home, a gorgeous ochre throw couch cover with tassels will really be a centre your living room and become a stunning focal point. Warm and cosy in winter yet fresh and uplifting during summer months, ochre is incredibly versatile and it’s also one of our favorite hues here at

What colour goes with ochre?

If you’re considering an ochre accent colour for your living room, dining room, bedroom or elsewhere, the first question you might ask is what colours go best with ochre? If so, you’ll be thrilled to learn that ochre pairs well with pretty much every colour on the spectrum!

1. Grey is one of the most popular choices to pair with ochre mustard– light grey will really bring out the vibrancy, while darker greys will offer a subdued and sophisticated finish. If you’re wanting something a little more dramatic, there’s no shade of blue that ochre doesn’t complement. And for a softer touch, try adding some blush pink to your ochre scheme.

Top tip: a grey and ochre colour scheme is ideal for the living room as it helps to strike the balance between energy and tranquillity.

2. Ochre Mustard , Blush and Teal colour

Whether you mix and match or go all-in for your favorite, our throws are a quick and cost-effective way to bring new life into your space. Using rich ochre mustard tones, you’re able to complement any type of decor.

For the bedroom, living room, and beyond, each of these stylish pieces will help you achieve the right level of colour for you – but remember to mix up your tones and textures to avoid a flat appearance. Whether you want to go bold with a statement piece or add a pop of colour with a few well-placed accessories, ochre is the perfect accent colour for any interior.

If you love a touch of ochre mustard, check out our Couch cover collection which brings together rich, vibrant colours, sumptuous velvets and soft gold accents.

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