Product Features:

With the harsh summer sun knocking at the windows, it's important to keep the interiors of your home as light and airy as possible. Get our cotton summer blackout curtains which will reduce the amount of heat that is transferred via your windows/doors. The weave of the fabric lets the room breathe while filtering light beautifully.



1. Use it inside/outside to protect your house from heat

2. While you're stepping out, remember to keep the curtains drawn to stop the room from heating up like a greenhouse.


The set includes 2 curtains. Size can be customized as per your requirement.

Material: Pure soft cotton

Colour: Earthy Brown

Size: Available indoor and window size

Size, Shape & Colour customization is available.


Available in following Size & Style Variants

1. Window Size with a single layer of tassels on the outer side.

Size: 5 Feet

2. Window Size with a double layer of tassels embellished on both sides of the curtain.

Size: 5 Feet

3. Door Size with a single layer of tassels on the outer side.

Size: 7 Feet

4. Door Size with a double layer of tassels on both sides.

Size: 7 Feet


For any queries/ customization /order-related, contact us on WhatsApp at+91837788100

Cotton Blackout Neutral Curtains- Set of 2



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