Put your paws🐾up and rejoice🐩🐩!

Big on color🎨🌈, big on fun💃!


👉Designed in a dog resolvable blue🔘 and yellow🟡 color (stimulates your dog's senses through colors, reducing boredom and anxiety).


👉 the bed has attached 2 interactive dog rope and dog chew toys🧸, which can help your dog increase the joy of life and soothe sore teeth


👉 These are big square pads that sit directly on the floor. The expansive size of the bed allows your pet the option to choose which way they want to sleep or just provide them with a spot to chew on one of their toys as they rest comfortably.


👉Removable Cover And Washable. This will allow you to strip off the outer layer and stick it in the washing machine for quick cleaning of all the hair and dirt particles.


👉 Top & filler are made of high-quality dog-friendly fabric and fiber.


👉 Easy to carry

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Dog Bed

  • Size Measurements
    Small 50x60x8 cms
    Medium 80x60x8 cms
    Large 100x70x8 cms
    X-Large 115x90x8 cms
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