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Amidst the changes around the world, it is not easy to just follow the trend and keep up with the drift. But not to worry! We are here to give exclusive tips to maintain stability within the styling of your decor.

Filling our home with unique, vintage finds is everyone’s dream come true. Magnifying the beauty in the old and imperfect, in frayed edges and tattered covers, in the worn-out and faded, the vintage décor is all about filling a home with charm and character.

Greys, white and black are no more boring colors, they are the perfect signature to showcase a Vintage collection out of those imperfect décor lying at the back of your cupboard.

All you need are a few magical tips to complete the same:

a) Follow a dark color palette and use Grey and white for some splendor.

b) Make black your best friend and change a colorful corner into a luxurious veer.

c) Focus on highlighting the background wall color in contrast with your cushions on the sofa.

d) For a cozy comfortable corner, opt for designs that are easy to read and can be your snuggle buddies

e) Welcome Velvet as a new partner in crime to bring high-end richness to any furnishings.

Are these Tips too much to follow up! Make it a smoothing ride with Throwpillow. Peruse our eye-catchy and trendy bespoke decor with just one click. Hope-on the glorious ride with us at

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